On Poker Etiquette

September 26, 2018
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In each match a set of regulations, but those regulations are not complete enough, players need to learn some manners, these matches the basic etiquette and behaviour must also be followed in the poker world and attention.

Here is what you should keep in mind the etiquette poker room:

Cannot say filth. Be careful with your language characters. Online poker room is the adult thing, no one likes to hear bad language.

Not rude. Not every good player like you, avoid talking nonsense or insult other players. You just won the hand rather than the player, to elegant, do not go too far, watch out for landscape met today, well meet again in future, be sure to remember.

Keep a cool head. Do not make sensible out of control disturbances.

Not can cause the game to stop progress. Through careless or inconsiderate slow game speed is not a good strategy. It reflects your standards are not professional.