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The Production Process Of Advertising Playing Cards

- Jul 13, 2017 -

The production process of Advertising Playing Cards


Production process: the advertisement card box, card, back version of the inner core of design and content for me Advertising Playing Cards factory design department, layout, the films, on the big machine printing, all made by our factory production technology, you only wait for the inspection of the goods.

Provide methods:

We will send you the detailed designs and the written requirements of the products and send them to us by express mail. (CD, MO or photo). To ensure the quality of the printed card printing, if it is an image, its resolution should be 300-350dpi, and the clearer the information, the better.)

In our factory, after receipt of the information from our factory Advertising Playing Cards designer according to the requirement of the buyer's design and production, design sample in three days back to send it back to the sample or on the Internet free of charge to the buyer to revise to our final confirmation.

Contract and payment:

Supply and demand both sides sign the contract after the buyer confirm the draft, and then 30% deposit in advance, I in confirmation after receiving the deposit, subject to final confirmation sample for production, production after the completion of the acceptance by the buyer (can come to the inspection, or I send bulk samples to the buyer's site inspection). The remaining payment shall be paid in full before delivery.

Delivery time:

Since the date of receipt of the deposit, the enterprise will arrange production and production at once. The time required for the production will be arranged by the parties through negotiation. All production processes will be completed by us. You will only wait for the inspection receipt.

How to distinguish the quality of the card? How can you tell the quality of the card? How do you know the quality of the card? How to identify the quality of advertising poker?

This is often what customers want to know when customizing their Advertising Playing CardsS. The following is a brief description of how the quality of the Advertising Playing Cards is distinguished. We first use the paper analysis from the advertisement card, the advertisement card paper production factory many, each manufacturer produces the quality of the paper is different. Usually we say that the 280 grams, 300 grams of advertising card is the weight of the paper, the weight of one square meter of paper, and 300 grams of advertising card paper is one square meter of paper weight 300 grams. 280 grams of Advertising Playing Cards is 1 square meter of paper weighing 280 grams. The advertising card paper is divided into 250-330 grams, and the price of paper grams of the same manufacturer is higher, and vice versa. Paper prices of the same grams are different for different manufacturers, because the weight of the paper they produce is different.

Premium advertising card paper is made of wood pulp, wood fiber. The content of wood pulp determines the price of the paper and determines its quality. The more wood pulp, the higher the price. High - grade advertising card paper with good elasticity, good hand feeling, smooth and smooth paper, high density of paper. This paper has made the advertising poker has several features: 1, feel is good, 2, 3 4 folding degree is high, flexibility good printing effect, advertisement card edge angular clear 5 6 7, durable, moisture-proof effect is good. There is a sense of reality on the side of an upscale advertising card.

The paper that is resistant to Advertising Playing Cards paper is not wood pulp, the paper density is poor, the elasticity is poor, the paper face is not too smooth. The holding poker has a feeling of astringent, soft feeling in hand. Not durable is the obvious feature of fusing poker, and several times the bad page, the damage page, etc. If analyzed from the perspective of use, the economic value of resisting the advertising card is far from the top-end advertising card.

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