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The Production Of Paper Playing Cards

- Sep 15, 2017 -

The production of Paper Playing Cards
For more than a century, the basic specifications made by Paper Playing Cards have changed little, the standard size for Paper Playing Cards for poker is 2.25 x 3.5 inches, and the Paper Playing Cards for bridge play are slightly narrow and have a size of 2? , So that the player can hold the hand in hand 13 cards. Paper Cards for Paper Playing Cards are made of two sheets of tissue and are bonded together with a black adhesive. (With a single layer of thick paper on both sides of the printing is not in line with the requirements; because if a player in the back of a light irradiation, the player can face the opponent through the light to see the hands of the former card. So that Paper Playing Cards are not shiny.) So Paper Playing Cards are sometimes called sticky cards.
Modern people who play Paper Playing Cards are accustomed to using double-headed cards, and the cards are easy to see wherever they are, and the cards are marked on two diagonal corners. Just look at the cards. To the whole face, you can know that this is what kind of card. This card became a standard form in the late 1870s. Prior to this, the player must see the whole face, in order to know what card, and must also be straight in the hands to see clearly.
Probably due to superstition or habitual forces, Paper Playing Cards' pattern design has never changed significantly. Has repeatedly tried to print four colors into four colors, change the color symbol shape, the first card to wear modern clothing, and switch to a round card, etc., but all of these attempts have not been successful. As the Soviet Union had tried to replace the traditional king and posterior images of Paper Playing Cards with the images of revolutionary heroes, it was still popular with traditional Paper Playing Cards.
1964 and made a more modern change, and in the world Olympic team competition game to be used on the card. This is the card face with a very shallow blue-gray instead of white as the background color. After the use of proof, this change can reduce the degree of eye tension. Paper Playing Cards with this light blue-gray background are used in the World Bridge Championships in 1967, 1968 and 1969.
Due to the limited durability of the paper, the inventors have been developing more durable substitutes for paper over the years. 1932, Siegfried. Clausler registered a patent in the Austrian and other European countries for the manufacture of incombustible opaque plastic sheets and printed paper Playing Cards with such sheets made of matrix plastic. He produced plastic poker for Milacher (miracle) for the trademark. Later, he sold the European part of the patent, but retained the patent in the United States.
Paper Playing Cards are more recent in England than in other European countries. Jesse died in 1400, although he had a variety of recreational activities at the time, but never mentioned Paper Playing Cards: "They dance, they play chess and banquet." About Edward I wearing a floral dress Four King (k) game information, almost certainly refers to some other game, perhaps some form of chess. The earliest note of the paper on the British Paper Playing Cards time is 1465, this year the British Paper Playing Cards manufacturers to apply for the prohibition of the import of foreign-made Zach card, and an appropriate decree can be used as evidence The
China Paper Playing Cards are very different from the West Paper Playing Cards. China Paper Playing Cards are narrow and long, usually 2 to 2.5 inches long and 0.5-2 inches wide. Early Paper Playing Cards are even more narrow and long. Paper Playing Cards in China and India are quite different from Western Paper Playing Cards in terms of number and color. There is a India Paper Playing Cards, a 144 cards, divided into eight colors, each suit 18 cards; another Indian fine card each pair of 120 cards, divided into 10 colors, each color 12 brand. There is a Chinese Paper Playing Cards, a pair of only 30 cards, divided into three colors, each suit 9 cards, and another three have great power of the card; but generally have four colors.

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