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The General Characteristics Of The Advertising Playing Cards Production Industry

- Aug 15, 2017 -

The general characteristics of the Advertising Playing Cards production industry
According to the recent case of a few real estate advertising Playing Cards case, the real estate company has the following characteristics:
First, the first is the quality of real estate companies can be said that the country is second only to the banks of the more wealthy companies, relatively speaking, not bad money, they are demanding high quality, we received the real estate poker orders have not done Poor, such as the Phoenix poker, are generally 300g high-end poker special paper, beautifully designed, produced products with great viewing and entertainment, can be used to gifts, engage in public relations, collection is also worth it
Second, custom poker content is simple and clear, generally only in the JQK above put some product images, mainly some of the characteristics of the apartment or renderings. Such as the Green City real estate poker production case, of course, there are cases, such as Poly Real Estate Advertising Playing Cards is 54 poker cards are above the product pictures, after all, is listed companies Well, which brings together 54 different cases across the country show Called real estate poker in the boutique.
Third, the size of the king above the real estate company logo, highlighting the corporate culture.
Fourth, the more consistent point is that real estate companies generally pay more attention to the back and poker advertising box design and production, especially the back, the requirements are very strict. Commonly used colors are relatively simple, heavy. This looks very upscale, such as the production of Phoenix voucher, but in the printing process will be easy to go wrong, the main ink is too heavy, prone to color, in this case, as Advertising Playing Cards manufacturers when the production Will remind customers to stay white, this will be caused by a visual sense of no color, of course, this is only a visual, in fact, there are color, any printed matter has color, not to mention the poker printing, Yao mind poker, Bin Wang poker can not be 100% to ensure that their products do not have a little color.
Advertising Playing Cards is an advertising form of branding or product promotion with poker as a carrier. As the name suggests is the company's brand, product information, service content printed on the pros and cons of playing cards to poker to replace other promotional materials. Also known as Advertising Playing Cards, Advertising Poker.
Poker has a broad mass base, obvious reuse characteristics, easy to carry and save, coupled with the industrialization of large production brought about by the ultra-low cost, poker advertising unique effect is more and more business recognition. In the UK, Advertising Playing Cards have accounted for 51% of the poker market, with China's advertising poker market share of 4.8% in 2002 and less than 10% of its market share in 2010, Advertising Playing Cards, In the ascendant, many business owners and businesses are not aware of the advantages of Advertising Playing Cards. And thus advertising Playing Cards market prospects, the potential is huge,
Advertising Playing Cards is the image of enterprises, administrative units or products through the poker card display, and then free or small gifts in the form of the hands of consumers, so that people can play poker when the company's products or universal knowledge, So as to improve the image of enterprises and the realization of the purpose of brand promotion, such as public service advertising poker, such as traffic laws and regulations, civic morality, as well as tourist attractions, etc. can be advertised through advertising poker.
In recent years with IPAD, Apple, Samsung and other types of mobile phones can only sell, two-dimensional code is also getting closer from our lives, Advertising Playing Cards printed on the above two-dimensional code information has become a business Kind of promotional methods, as a professional poker production manufacturers, the company also received a lot of two-dimensional code Advertising Playing Cards, how much also summed up a little experience, share to everyone.
In the printing of two-dimensional code poker in the process, the choice of paper is very important, too bad paper can not be printed out is not easy to be identified, the other back of the printing should also control the appropriate, or not easy to read out, For many customers made with coated paper playing cards, of course, is able to do, but the relative poker special paper, it's very good and very poor resistance to play, but a little sure is that the coated paper playing cards The price is really low.
The other is the size of two-dimensional code, generally more than 1.5cm, according to the number of stored information to set, the more information, the more complex.

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