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The First Step In The Method Of Memory Pokers

- Jul 25, 2017 -

The first step in the method of memory Pokers
 Memory method:
First familiar with the corresponding image represented by each card, and then find 26 places, when the memory, in each place on the two Pokers, the two Pokers on behalf of the image and the location of close contact, 26 locations just Put down 52 Pokers. Memories of the time, the 26 places in the brain once again, you can quickly recall the corresponding 52 Pokers.
Essential tools:
1, remove the big, Wang's Pokers a total of 52.
2, there is a second hand clock or a table.
3, a training schedule, record the daily training results and experience.
4, need for each code to find the corresponding picture, we provide the picture is for reference only.
Step 1: Familiar with digital code and 52 Pokers for 5 days
1, fully familiar with the 50 digital code, within 30 seconds to recite in order. 3 days
2, fully familiar with the 52 Pokers, find each card image memory points. 2 days
Training key:
1, first of all to be familiar with the 50 digital coding, although we only need to use one of the 40, but it is best to be able to 50 are familiar with the code. At the time of training, from 1 to 50, in order to recite the 50 numbers of the code. Back when the best to make a sound, like endorsement; inconvenient when you can meditate in the heart. Recitation effect requirements are able to clear, smooth recitation, asked to do 30 seconds to very smooth 50 passwords from beginning to end all recited out (limit speed is about 20 seconds). Just beginning to recite anytime, anywhere, and then need to check the clock or table to read their own recitation speed.
2, if the digital password from the digital reminiscent of the corresponding image is not easy, do this kind of association exercises: first fully familiar with the 1-9 9 digital code, and then split the corresponding figures to Lenovo. Such as 31 (shark), can be split into 3 (ears) and 1 (tree), can be associated with a tree on the top of a tree, a shark to climb the tree to eat the ear. In this way, when the moment can not remember the code represented by 31, you can "tree with ears" image and the "shark" association. Other unfamiliar codes can be linked in this way.
3, by looking at each card in the upper left corner of the icon, familiar with each digital card corresponding to the number, and then through the digital conversion, familiar with each digital card corresponding to the password.
4, select the 12 characters, to select those who are very familiar with their own characters, and find out the unique characteristics of each of them, and as far as possible in accordance with the characteristics to fix their expression in the imagination, action. Try to make each person's characteristics are clear, different.
5, carefully observe the 52 Pokers, compare their similarities and differences, to find 52 Pokers of the image memory point, regardless of the number of Pokers or Pokers have to be from the overall image of the card to find a unique memory features , And then use this feature and the corresponding encoding to connect, to see a look at this card can reflect the corresponding image in the minds of the purpose of the image.
6, 12 Pokers are easier to find unique features, and therefore easier to link with the corresponding code. Remember the character card, it should be from the card to find a unique feature and the corresponding characters to link, see this feature, immediately reflected in the mind of the corresponding characters.
7, 40 digital Pokers are not easy to find very distinctive features, but in order to be able to achieve the appropriate training results, even if it is difficult to find these memories, can not be converted through the upper left corner of the icon to the corresponding number Password, because it will reduce the memory speed.
8, when the digital card to find the memory point, you can put the same number of four color Pokers together, compare their similarities and differences, to find different memory points, and then through the comparison with the adjacent digital card, the difference and Confirm the memory of each card, so as to achieve a look at the card features can recognize the corresponding encoding effect. By associating these memories with the corresponding code, you can make the speed of the digital card as fast as the card.
9, familiar with the whole card, but also requires 40 digital Pokers in the mind to meditate out of each card pattern, and meditate their memory points. In this way, you can read in the 40 when the code can simultaneously emerge in the minds of the corresponding card face, and the corresponding memory points.

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