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The Etiquette Of Playing Cards

- Jun 20, 2017 -

The etiquette of Playing Cards
  There is a set of rules in each game, but these rules are not complete enough, players need to learn some of the game etiquette, the basic rituals and behavior of these games in the Playing Cards world also have to follow and attention. The following is the etiquette you should remember about the Playing Cards game room: can not say foul language. Be careful with your language. The online Playing Cards room is an adult's stuff, and no one likes to hear the foul language. Can not be rude. Not every player is like your general players, to avoid talking nonsense or insulting damage to other players. You win only the game and not the player, to have grace, not too deceptive too, careful to meet the landscape, today to stay line, he good meet, remember to remember. Keep calm mind. Do not run out of control. Can not stop the game. It is not a good strategy to slow down the game speed through carelessness or ill-considered. It reflects your level is not professional.
Now accustomed to the high-speed rail we may have the car hum rip rip green car trail forget, but you must remember those years of green wind train on the story, played the Playing Cards.
Not only in the train, festivals, friends gathering, our entertainment project must not lack the Playing Cards figure. You want to play in recent years is particularly popular Landlord or classic and everywhere in Texas Playing Cards can be. Do you know that there is another side of the Playing Cards?
On behalf of the king of k, a total of four colors, and each color is a story of the people.
Box k represents the Caesar the Great, then in Rome can be described as all-powerful, as a star and a politician in his Roman empire coins on the side of the portrait, so now he is also the same side of the Playing Cards, hand-held ax He has the right.
The red heart k represents the king of the king of Charlemagne, he and several other king is different from no beard, because the original sculptor accidentally chiseled, so the reservation is now the original version of the standard.
Plum blossom k is the great empire of Alexander the Great, and his distinctive place lies in the clothes of the cross jewelry. Then across the European and subcontinent empire travel should be very convenient, after all, do not have to do "passport."
Spades k is the only one is not king k, but he is king's father ah. In the 10th century BC, David, the father of the king of Israel, was the old gentleman with the harp. Good harp and hymn, a proper literary youth.

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