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The Development Of Playing Cards And The Status Of Advertising Playing Cards In The Advertising Industry

- Jul 13, 2017 -

The development of Playing Cards and the status of advertising Playing Cards in the advertising industry

The origin of poker

The origin of Playing Cards is in countries around the world. Scholars in the west believe that Playing Cards originated in Europe, and scholars in India believe that Playing Cards originated in India. Chinese scholars believe that poker originated in China, and of course I prefer the latter. Our three thousand years of civilization are recognized by the world, and our four great inventions have provided an indelible contribution to the development of the world. Our ancestors invented a little playing card that didn't matter, and when we got into a civilized society they lived by hunting in the forest. I believe Playing Cards should be general han xin invented in chu during the war, in order to alleviate the homesickness of soldiers at that time of sorrow, invented a game of Playing Cards, because the style shape so the name "leaf" play with leaves. Now we have the same kind of fine Playing Cards in the countryside, called "wife's touch" or "mahjong card". "Mahjong poker" may be a branch of modern poker, but he has witnessed the development of poker in China.

It was in the 12th century that Marco Polo brought this card game to Europe, and immediately aroused great interest from westerners. In the beginning, it was just some aristocrats' leisure time, but it was easy to learn because it was cheap, versatile and easy to learn. Later, the development of business printing technology, Playing Cards more and more elaborate, gradually evolved into the present poker. The king of J Q K in poker, in the west, is endowed with different characters. Like the plum blossom K, the representative is Alexander the great. Alexander the great, who succeeded to the throne at the age of 20, was a man who ruled the world, first establishing the dominance of the whole of Greece and then the Persian empire. Across Europe, Asia, Africa's vast land, build a western Greece, Macedonia, the east side to the upstream of the Indus valley, south near the Nile first waterfall, north to central Asia YaoSha water (now tin river) in Babylon is the capital of a large empire. It is a historical figure that represents different historical figures, and their exploits are quite large.

As entertainment tools, Playing Cards also became a tool of gambling. Gambling seems to be human nature, and since man has gambles, he has invented gambling tools, mahjong dice and now Playing Cards. Modern people have small bets that the big gamble is the idea of gambling, but what is the line of small bets, and what is the big bet? I think the individual's economic ability is determined by a personal bet.

The development of poker has been given a bigger mission in the last century, carrying advertising carriers. It was the first time that the europeans had spent their spare time in the first world war in order to make soldiers more entertaining. The boss of a food industry has seen so many soldiers play poker that the company's products are not well publicized. So the first AD poker was born. The AD Playing Cards, which were first exposed to hundreds of thousands of soldiers, were also fresh, attracted by the food on the Playing Cards and then bought in bulk. Food companies have also come back from the dead, and the business is booming, and the boss has made a fortune. This is the advertising effect of the advertising poker, which is gradually recognized by European merchants and is widely copied and operated.

The characteristics of advertising Playing Cards

Poker 54 Playing Cards, although small, but the advertisement effect, the front of every one can make different color pages, you can also add a brand enterprise brief, box can be done on both sides of the two pages. A total of 58 different AD pages can be done. It costs less than a dollar ($10,000). With so much advertising capacity, so low a price, this is an unmatchable advertising page.

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