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The Appreciation Of The Playing Cards

- Sep 15, 2017 -

The appreciation of the Playing Cards
  The traditional sense of Playing Cards contains 54 cards and boxes, customary to put Playing Cards into color, back view, shaped, advertising and several other types. It should be said that every Playing Cards have the value of their appreciation. Each Playing Cards are not the same, even if they are backwards. Of course, if the appreciation, in terms of content, design, form and other aspects of color Playing Cards more worth watching.
The so-called color Playing Cards is a common saying that also has the art of Playing Cards. Finger face is not the traditional idea, but according to the needs of the players use pictures, text and other forms, such as landscape photography, calligraphy painting, text forms to replace the traditional ideas. Most of the appreciation of the face according to personal habits and hobbies, there is no standard. Playing Cards If you are 54 cards different flowers, the appreciation value should be the highest, there are many colors Playing Cards card screen content is only 13, that is, four colors with the same card face the same, plus On the big, Wang two pictures (also the size of the king of the same screen, there is the size of the king is not the screen but other content), there are 26, 4 (relatively rare). This card face design, production is a lot of trouble, but appreciate the value is greatly reduced. There is no law of the face of the screen: not count 13, because it is not the same point with the screen; can not be regarded as 54 pictures, because the whole card has a number of cards are repeated, so that the card arbitrary, irregular arrangement, The design is clearly not enough, and most of the other aspects of this type of card there will be problems, the overall quality is relatively low.
A good card is pleasing to the eye, put it down; a shoddy card, or a very low-value card, looks uncomfortable. Some cards, the contents of the card and the name of the brand far away; some cards content varied, patchwork traces of obvious, do not know what to see. The appreciation of the value of the brand is different from the value of the collection, the value of the collection is very important to reflect the rare, appreciate the value is actually ornamental. A pair of highly ornamental card issuance may be large, the collection value may not be high. Now some limited edition cards do not have much appreciation of the value, and some even shoddy. There is a limited number of the release of the body art Playing Cards, the card is clearly patchwork, color, style, great differences, and even a star of the early use of the photo to go, there are obvious images from the Internet to download traces.
When you enjoy the face of the card, sometimes ignore the back of the card, a lot of color Playing Cards on the back is a standard point card back chart, not to mention creativity, appreciation of the value should be affected, it is a pity. A beautiful color Playing Children from the need to say, even the card back, the box is also very creative. From the design to the color is very novel, full of creativity, its appreciation of the value is not lower than the card face, face and back to form a complete whole, this card is undoubtedly a fine art. Also to "99 World Expo", for example, the back of the Expo logo design is very unique, and the card surface constitutes a whole, a little less than the use of color, such as the blue into brown and card more coordinated.
Playing Cards overall quality and the age of their production a great relationship, and now out of the card just take a pair will feel very scraping, more than a decade ago or earlier out of the card, by the technical, equipment and other conditions, the vast majority of cards Brand sense of rough, dark colors, blurred images, and even stacked serious. From the product quality point of view, now the card is undoubtedly much better, but from the perspective of art appreciation is not entirely the case. I believe that most of the Tibetan friends have the last century, eighties and nineties out of some Jiapin, many Tibetan friends have earlier treasures. On the contrary, the number of cards is now a lot, in all fairness is really a few, and some did not appreciate the value.
Playing Cards enjoy the fun, we do not ignore the back of the card when the background and the box. A lot of cards and drawings of the box has not been fully attention and development, and some cards face is very beautiful, turned back to the map but no creativity, or even a card face or ordinary point of the card back Figure, so that the whole card appears defect, very pity. In general, now on the back of the research and development is far from enough.

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