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Special Shape Playing Cards Printing To Exclude Paper Wrinkling Method!

- Jun 27, 2017 -

Special Shape Playing Cards printing to exclude paper wrinkling method!
 1. Strict control of the workshop temperature and humidity
Under normal circumstances, the paper in the plant after the need to first put in the library for some time. 3 to 4 days before printing should be the paper into the workshop, and strictly control the workshop temperature and humidity, which should be controlled at 20 ~ 25 ℃ temperature, humidity should be controlled at 50% to 60%.
2. Special Shape Playing Cards With the printing with the cutting paper
Paper in the printing process of uneven water content, resulting in wrinkles around the paper, thus affecting the printing registration or inconsistent rules, delay the completion of production tasks. In order to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, taking the advance paper, with the printing with the cutting of the measures to avoid the paper by the wind to produce tight side phenomenon. And if the paper has been a tight side of the phenomenon, you can cut the paper in the paper by tapping the way to reduce the degree of wrinkling.
3. Special Shape Playing Cards Adjust the tightening of the feeding belt and the pressure roller
As the paper is moving forward by the tape and the pressure wheel, the tightening of the tape and the pressure wheel affects the flatness of the paper, and the paper enters the oscillator only in a flat condition to maximize Reduce the occurrence of paper wrinkling phenomenon, so to properly adjust the tape and pressure roller tightening.
4. Special Shape Playing Cards Adjust the wiper pad
The wobble tooth pad will be uneven due to wear and tear, when the waiter teeth in the gripper will lead to the phenomenon of local irregular paper. When the paper is transferred to the impression cylinder, the paper is not flat parts in the rubber roller under the pressure, prone to fixed point folds. Therefore, the crew should always check the printing press the tooth pad is smooth.
5. Special Shape Playing Cards Adjust the impression cylinder row
When the service life of the printing press is longer, the teeth of the impression cylinder will appear unevenly. The paper will appear irregularly at the tip of the paper under pressure. To solve this problem, you can replace the impression cylinder row of teeth, and then adjust the teeth of the elastic, so consistent.
6. Special Shape Playing Cards Adjust the printing pressure
During the operation of the press, when the paper wrinkles occur, the printing pressure should be minimized to reduce the degree of wrinkling of the paper.

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