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Process Of Advertising Cards

- Aug 22, 2016 -

1. to have cards with special paper, cut to size such as 54.5*54.5-718*815 665*899 size 11 and two Deputy, and then printed on front, and dry completely on the back printed.

2. next is coated with a layer of light liquid, wash light, light, Poker flat and smooth, and bright.

3. the following is cut, and now have the latest cutting machine, put up Poker, points out is that a deck of cards. Just the right angle.

4. the next is poker flush right angle cut into fillets. Special angle to burst.

5. then validate that poker, Poker box.

6. Poker is almost finished here, poker with poker machine packed boxes sealed cellophane.

7. use Poker heat shrinkable machine 10 pair of heat-shrinkable, packing is complete all the processes.

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