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Pokers Collection

- Oct 17, 2017 -

Pokers collection
In Europe and the United States, collection of Pokers has a very long history, in the 15th century has been a collection of Pokers records. Collection of Pokers, whether private collection or public collection, are quite a lot. There are quite a number of museums, with the Pokers screen as part of the collection of art collections. Yale University of the United States collection of more than 3,000 pairs of cards, uncut printed sheets, and Pokers card printing plate, these collections were originally the late Merbert and Mary Carrie collection, 1967 When they died, they gave to the university. The United States has "World Pokers Collection Association" and other two Pokers collectors Association, and some members to collect Pokers, and some members only collect the back of the card. American Mr. Hosman collected more than 3,000 Pokers in the world, and published a set of American Pokers Encyclopedia.
In 1984, the United States established a card museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the gift of the American Pokers company to the city's art museum; a collection of ten thousand pairs of cards and seventy thousand incomplete cards. It is said that this is the world's largest Pokers collection. In New York's Morgan Museum, there are a handful of oldest and most valuable playing cards.
French National Library of Paris has a Pokers collection. British Pokers collection has two, one is the British Museum, one is the Kilde hall. In addition, there are Pokers collections in Vienna, Nuremberg, Dresden, Munich and Budapest.
Germany Alcibulk City, known for producing Pokers, known as the "Pokers city", the city there are Pokers museums and Pokers courts.
France's first Pokers museum was officially opened on December 17, 1999. This national museum is located in the southern part of Paris on the Seine River province of Islem Merrino, the collection is extremely rich. Among the 8500 collections, there are 5,000 Pokers cards, 800 engraved plates, drawings and advertisements, and more than a thousand pieces of Pokers-related items. Among them, the most precious collection is a Tarot card - "Ferrari car". This card is a fifteenth century works, covered with gouache decoration, six or seven years ago in a public auction to 750,000 francs of high prices to buy. Other treasures include the best of the 16th century Parisian manufacturing, a 17th century publishing table, a luxurious solitary creation in 1967, and two 1919 bales with ballet dresses brand. The museum combines the architecture of the 17th century royal architecture with modern architecture. It costs 59 million francs, of which 42% by the state funding, the rest of the local government at all levels by their own solution.
In China, the history of the collection of Pokers is relatively long, although it is not long, but there are decades of history, in the Republican period, some people began to collect Pokers, to now has several generations. Since entering the 80s, China's Pokers set of buds early budding, and by the 90's was favored by many collectors. Especially in the late 90s, with the rise of various art themes playing cards, collecting Pokers has gradually formed a group. China's Pokers collectors are mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other big cities. There are a lot of collection of lovers collection of thousands of pairs, a few people reached the million pay more, there are people held Pokers exhibition. At present, all over the country has set up the National Pokers Collection Association and the collection of associations around the organization, regular seminars, we must go all out to work together to rescue and study the historical trajectory of Chinese cards to expand the collection range, including historical records Information books, for our further study of Pokers culture to do the basic work.

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