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Playing Cards To Understand Your Fears

- Oct 19, 2016 -

In a large part leadership is about fearlessness. How does playing cards help you understand your fears and hence conquer them. The ability to stand tall, stay put, believe in yourself and stay in the game inspite of all odds. When the chips are falling.. When they are piling...  This got you thinking about your own fears... What holds you back from doubling your bets ? What would happen if you doubled up and then lost everything ? After all the stakes were not that high..... All you would lose would be the amount spent in a routine dinner outing. Why does the thought of losing suck so much and feel so terrible that we hold ourselves back....There are always a few of those odd ball players that are willing to risk every game to feel the high of that one big hand... Them you envy.

You figured if you could convince yourself that the purpose of playing was to be more in the moment and listen to your gut as you play the game .. It is to embrace the losses and revel in the joy of a game well played, no matter by whom .. Acknowledging the fear that arises from losing.. Calling out that ego that wants to win so bad that we are worthwhile lucky blessed fulfilled if we won. What would it take to feel like this on losing ?

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