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Playing Cards Save Note!

- Jun 27, 2017 -

Playing Cards Save Note!
 One, playing cards do not see the light exposure or long light. Playing Cards to maintain long-term bright as new, can not often touch the sun, but not in the sun exposure. Strong sunshine can make Playing Cards fade old. Playing Cards should be displayed under dark light and stored in dark conditions. Place the Playing Cards in the frame to show or close to the balcony, near the window, too much direct contact or diffuse light, it is not desirable.
Second, to avoid a variety of chemical pollution. Place Playing Cards away from the kitchen, garage, bathroom and other places to prevent fumes, detergents, gasoline and other pollution. Playing Cards and used Playing Cards, such as ink, ink, oil, detergent, etc., are not mixed with clean and new Playing Cards. When you watch Playing Cards, it's best not to smoke, talk, drink tea, eat.
Third, pay attention not to wash hands on hand touch Playing Cards. Organize Playing Cards, make exhibition panels, have to develop the first to wash hands after the operation or wearing gloves habits. Playing Cards is easy to leave fingerprints, sweat stains, dust, affect the beauty of Playing Cards, leaving the mold easier to make Playing Cards moldy, not easy to long-term preservation.
Four, can not be stored in disorder. Playing Cards, books, exhibitions, derivatives should be organized orderly, classified storage, not chaotic. Newly purchased or exchanged Playing Cards should be kept in possession and kept in a safe place to avoid viewing or using Playing Cards.
5, pay attention to acid and alkali erosion. Acid and alkali substances can make Playing Cards discoloration, fading, corrosion, damage, so Playing Cards can not and a variety of acid-base substances placed together. It is not possible to clean the used Playing Cards and Playing Cards derivatives with acid and alkaline substances.
Six, pay attention to directly in the film paste Playing Cards. Playing Cards on the show is packed with a double-sided adhesive and then attached to the show. The Playing Cards on the show should be removed with a bag and can not be removed. Playing Cards integrity.
Seven, do not stack Playing Cards. Playing Cards should be placed vertically in the bookcase or bookcase or carton, should not be too many layers of overlapping pressure, or Playing Cards between each time a long time easy to stick, showcase overlap backlog can cause Playing Cards and film paste between, easy to remove Tearing, affecting the product phase.
Eight, pay attention to closed storage. Playing Cards collection should pay attention to ventilation and ventilation, excluding Playing Cards itself in the production process using chemical additives, inks, covering agents, polishes, adhesives and other chemical gases generated to reduce damage to the human body. The top of the pods and exhibits should be open and should only be used for short periods during the exhibition. Long-term closed storage is easy to make Playing Cards wet moldy, chemical gas affect people's health.
Nine, pay attention to moisture mold. Playing Cards is a piece of paper that is susceptible to mildew and is damaged. Playing Cards storage should be kept in a dry place, not in damp and ventilated areas such as basement, storage room, garage, bed, bathroom, kitchen and other places. Jiangnan area after the annual rainy season should let Playing Cards scattered wind, breathe.
10, pay attention to insects and insects. Within one year should choose to dry the appropriate weather to check the collection of one to two times. Storage cabinet should be stored within a few pieces of health balls, display book holding a few slices of thymol paper, to prevent insects and rodents, Playing Cards to ensure the complete product phase.

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