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Playing Cards Of The Tarot Art

- Oct 17, 2017 -

Playing Cards of the Tarot art
From the 15th century to the 20th century, Playing Cards mainly has four different styles:
One, fifteenth century playing cards, court life:
Playing Cards Unlike other Playing Cards, other Playing Cards is hand-drawn in the 15th century, but the image is relatively rough, and when the Playing Cards starts, the image is very beautiful, usually painted by the court painter, is the Playing Cards in the aristocracy The Now the 15th century Playing Cards cards, cards are generally larger, and inlaid gold foil, the above pattern mainly reflects the current court life, the above characters are usually those who were in power, such as "Pope", "Emperor" and so on Images are usually the time of the pope and the emperor, the other images are usually the nobility and his family. So, when the Playing Cards is mainly to reflect the court life.
According to Jacopo Marcello's call to the French queen, the Playing Cards's function was similar to that of other Playing Cards, and was mainly used to play a game similar to today's bridge.
Because this time the Playing Cards is very precious, so get the owner of the collection, although the production of small, but the card is still retained more. In Italy's Sforza (Shi Fula) castle, there are 59 pairs of cards were handed down.
Second, 16 to 17 century Playing Cards, wood engraving patterns, more popular:
As the printing was introduced into Europe, and developed in the 16th century, Playing Cards began to be a lot of printing and popular, when the Playing Cards is usually printed by the wood, the pattern becomes more popular, the figure began to appear ordinary People and mythological figures, is no longer the nobility at that time.
At this time the Playing Cards is the first cardboard with black ink printing black and white patterns, and then in accordance with the printed line with artificial color, but when the color is not necessarily in accordance with the printed line to color. So when the Playing Cards pattern is more rough, the price is relatively low. For this reason, this period of time to keep the Playing Cards instead of relatively small, but this time there is no lack of making beautiful Playing Cards, but no longer appear inlaid gold foil, expensive playing cards.
Three, 18 to the early 20th century Playing Cards, prophecy and divination:
From the 18th century, Playing Cards began to be widely used for prophecy and divination, so when the Playing Cards began to join the pattern, into the mysterious color. Some people also changed the order of the pattern, changed the design of traditional designs, such as according to the Bible, joined the paradise, fish birds, Eve and other patterns, and subtract some of the traditional patterns. But the traditional arrangement is still more popular.
At this time the printing has been greatly improved, so this period of the Playing Cards pattern has been quite beautiful.
Four, modern playing cards, modern art:
In the middle and late twentieth century, the design of Playing Cards was diversified, and various art forms were endless, such as surreal and abstract genres, all of which were reflected in the playing cards, and their designs were different from those of the traditional ones. Unlike ordinary Playing Cards, Playing Cards is rarely used as a picture of scenery, animals and other ready-made pictures, and each new Playing Cards card is derived from the artist's careful creation, so the 20th century Playing Cards, Has become a very important in the Western world of art, as collectors of a very important collection.
Because Westerners are more superstitious to use Playing Cards to divination, so some of the modern psychologists use Playing Cards to carry out psychological treatment, which is a new feature of playing cards.
Some of the modern Playing Cards cards use popular Playing Cards, and with spades, red hearts, squares and plum blossoms, without traditional swords, cups, coins and sticks as a suit.

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