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Playing Cards Is Not Just A Tool For Us To Be Bored

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Playing Cards is not just a tool for us to be bored
Playing Cards is, by its very nature, a tool for people who are boring in our lives, but as a poker card, it does not stop its use because it is Playing Cards So it will let people see as a pair of poker cards should be done with its own value. Playing Cards is now not only an entertainment partner in people's daily life, or a lot of people now a lot of businesses to advertise the best choice, because it is less waste because it is more functional, but also because it gets publicity The final result of the ad is the best. So in the eyes of people Playing Cards is now not a very simple but simple poker, and it is now a necessity in people's lives, in the boring panic when we can take such a pair of Playing Cards and Three or five brothers or sisters sit together to enjoy the Playing Cards cards to bring their fun, but also can be a good idea of their own good goods through the Playing Cards pass to convey to a lot of people, so that more People can understand you and understand you Although the poker is a simple substance on poker, but it is played by the role of a lot of money can not do that kind of emotion, the kind of income, and the kind of effect. Playing Cards is now the reason why many people are essential to the hands of the basic things are all rooted in its own pay, as there is a saying that: eat bitter bitter, side for the man, that all Not false Like we can do a market for Playing Cards survey, according to the market survey found that Playing Cards no matter where you can see it, the most frequent is in some of the more upscale luxury hotel like this ad Playing cards are the most, of course, in our lives in the roadside can also see a lot of the kind of Playing Cards. To see a lot of people from the Playing Cards get the kind of smile get the kind of joy, we as the creator of Playing Cards really feel particularly happy and happy!
I believe that many people have had this experience, Playing Cards is every festivals or friends when the meeting, we gathered together, always someone said to play a few games poker game. And in the usual leisure time, there will always be some people will gather together, and then at home near the chess room playing cards game. Although we are now playing the poker game is spread from abroad, but in China is known by everyone, but in the streets, but no one knows, no one knows. And poker in our lives, has gradually become a habit. However, there are a lot of people do not know what the size of the poker, they all think we see the poker, the size specifications are the same, in fact, there are three conventional card size. Today, the poker factory to tell you what three kinds of it!
The first is the normal size, size is 8.7 * 5.7cm. The second is a wide card size, size is 8.7 * 6.2cm or 8.8 * 6.3cm. The third is a special size, size 9 * 13cm, 9 * 11cm or 9 * 8.7cm. In the box when you can choose a single sub-installed, double or two loaded or a pair of playing cards have 54 or 55.
Moreover, there are many businesses will go to the poker factory Playing Cards custom. Will be some of their own information printed on the top of the poker, making this Playing Cards can be used as a tool when the game can also be used as a means of promoting business.
Customers will ask to do the same number, the same grade of Playing Cards, why is much more expensive than commodity poker.
We first introduce the production process of commodity poker: general commodity poker printing can be hundreds of thousands of perennial poker, with an annual output of several billion poker production capacity, because they are printed with the same set of each edition , Not up and down machine version, in the poker quality inspection is also very fixed, the workshop workers are also very convenient to work, so that the cost is very low, so the poker sales price is not high.
We are going to introduce the production process of Playing Cards: Playing Cards printing process was disrupting, the production capacity by half the decline in the number of custom Playing Cards in the number of 1 to 5 million between some of the collection of poker The number is less than 10,000 or even 5000 pairs, with Nissan hundreds of thousands of production lines can not be compared, understand the printing of the customers are aware of this; the second is the plate, Playing Cards each time the plate costs also accounted for a certain percentage, From the point of view of the printing will vary greatly; Moreover, from the tax point of view, commodity poker rarely involved in the issue of tax votes, they are distributed in the city of small sellers, and Playing Cards custom need to give customers a pair One of the issuance of value-added tax invoices, tax ideas are generally more than 6%.

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