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Playing Cards Customization Has Become A Fashion Behavior!

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Playing Cards customization has become a fashion behavior!

Playing Cards is one of the people's favorite casual games, with the improvement of people's living standard, the CARDS and variety requirements also more and more high, in the form of Playing Cards custom behavior has become a fashion, the new inventory CARDS for everybody below.

1. Lovers' Playing Cards:

The days of being together with your lover are the best, warmest and most romantic moments of your life. Right? It's the most distinctive and meaningful memento of the day. Such a Playing Cards record of two people's beautiful, warm, romantic love, is the best testimony of love, it is worth to treasure forever. As a gift to the sweetheart, it will surprise her (him) and make her (him) move!! It's better to give it to (him) as a birthday present.

2. Children's growth and commemoration:

Choose 54 photos from small to large, and make a special baby growth commemorative Playing Cards, with a theme and good quality. For a period of time, there was a pair of pairs, and some of them were like comic strips. If it's a birthday gift or a birthday party for a friend or family member, it's a great compliment and a lot of creativity.

3. Wedding photo Playing Cards:

Photography is the only program to married now, but we spend a lot of time, money, photos taken typically made into a picture hanging on the wall, or a thick album, very convenient to carry, unable to share with friends. Now, it's good to have beautiful wedding photos made into a deck of CARDS that can be easily carried, and can be Shared with friends anytime and anywhere. This is the most stylish and distinctive wedding memento. A wedding picture wedding anniversary card, witness a happy marriage. Many of the couples have ordered their own wedding commemorative CARDS, some of them have been made to order, and their parents have one. If you don't know what a gift is, you might consider sending a wedding anniversary card. It will make your friends happy.

4. Pet commemorative Playing Cards:

You can make cute, cute pet photos into a personality shine, which is the best way to keep your pet cute. Such Playing Cards is like a mini-series, which can be easily Shared with friends. Many fashionable people have made such personality CARDS for their pets, and some have made a few of them for their friends. Such a characteristic Playing Cards worth having is worth saving.

5. Graduation memory Playing Cards:

After graduation, we must do something for a souvenir. What do you do for your graduation? Souvenir books, t-shirts... Or something else? These are traditional souvenirs of the past, and now the popular custom of the graduation souvenir Playing Cards. Remember huang hong's sketch play Playing Cards? That's it. Make a special commemorative card for the whole class of students. It's special and special. The back of the card is the school logo and class information. The front is the photo of the classmate and the student's name, QQ number, mobile phone number, E-mail and even the birthday message. Such a deck of Playing Cards is both a commemorative Playing Cards and a portable mini-series, as well as a class of student correspondence. It is the most informative, most stylish, most personal, easy to collect and portable souvenirs.

It makes sense to do this kind of Playing Cards. We should also make meaningful graduation souvenirs! Do graduation souvenir preferred memory of Playing Cards is absolutely a wise choice in addition to tourism to mark the 5th anniversary of Playing Cards, team Playing Cards, idol to mark the 5th anniversary of Playing Cards, elder Playing Cards (memories elders good life), and other personality Playing Cards.

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