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Out Of The Advertising Pokers Manufacturers Used Paper Misunderstanding

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Out of the advertising Pokers manufacturers used paper misunderstanding
 And some customers in the exchange when they found that advertising Pokers manufacturers often use the paper in the understanding of some errors, and now some of the common errors to be analyzed.
Misunderstanding 1: grams of paper on behalf of the thickness and good or bad. Pokers Some customers believe that the number of grams of paper on behalf of the thickness and good or bad, the greater the number of grams that the thicker the paper, the better the quality. This is obviously a misunderstanding of the number of sheets of paper. The number of grams of paper is only one square meter of paper weight, Pokers and the thickness and quality of the quality is not necessarily linked. As we said, 280 grams of paper means that the paper weighs 280 grams per square meter. The actual meaning of the number of sheets of paper is a measure. In the sale of paper when the tonnage is used to measure, know the number of grams of paper will be able to calculate the actual size of a meal of paper, it can calculate how much the paper can do this Pokers card. For Pokers manufacturers, is a basis for the calculation of the material, but for the customer is no meaning in terms of. Because the type of paper in the market and the material is very different, subject to the weight of raw materials, the same thickness of a square meter of paper is not the same as grams, the reality of many high-quality raw materials, but very light, and heavy raw materials Poor.
 Misunderstanding 2: black core paper is the best paper. The main reason for this misunderstanding is the market there are some high-end brand playing cards with black paper core, Pokers it is mistaken for black paper core is the best. Like we see a few yellow clothes to wear the beauty of the whole world that are wearing yellow clothes, or that wear yellow clothes are beautiful, it is wrong. Think about why we do not think black core cotton is the best cotton? Because we are familiar with it. We all know that the raw material for the production of paper is nothing more than some of the pulp made of plants such as wood pulp, straw pulp, straw pulp, Pokers and waste paper made of waste paper. These colors are basically not black, most of the case is yellowish gray. So how can we become black, blue, purple and other colors? The answer is: add the pigment. This change will not have an impact on quality.
 Misunderstanding 3: white cardboard (coated paper) do Pokers better than special paper. White cardboard (coated paper) playing cards manufacturers are usually used to do the box, not used to do the playing cards. Pokers in the use of constantly shuffle, the paper's elasticity and toughness requirements are relatively high, can only use special paper, can not use white cardboard (coated paper) to do. If only for good looking, do not use it, then you can use white cardboard (coated paper).
 Misunderstanding 4: embossed paper is a paper type. Embossing is a production process, not a paper type. All the paper can be embossed by this process to make it into a pattern of paper.
Such a large number of Pokers printing manufacturers market size, naturally attracted a lot of capital to come Nuggets, capital is accelerating the layout of the manufacturers in the Pokers printing. Bear the brunt of the contact is the most close to the Pokers printing equipment manufacturers maintenance of this piece of cake. Since the end of 2013, a large number of O2O concept with the Pokers card manufacturers associated with the equipment business in the venture capital support, began to cut into the door for the card printing and maintenance manufacturers and maintenance equipment and other fields, and with large subsidies Expand and update the Pokers printing factory equipment, so as to the size of the manufacturers to play the scale of playing cards to win a new round of investment. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014 in the Pokers printing manufacturers market investment is 2 times in 2013, reaching 12 times.

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