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Make Photo Pokers Need To Be Prepared

- Sep 30, 2017 -

The first is the photo, the general 55, positive 54 back 1, ready to put the same folder inside, the compression can be sent to us. There are many styles of personality Pokers, in addition to printing photos, you can also choose a different style and grades, private custom impression material is the most abundant, which borders, baffles, grades can have a variety of options, because the style too Many, can not show one by one, so provide the effect of making software for customers DIY their own Pokers style, and then sent to our printing, if there is no style requirements, we default to conventional Pokers style.
So in the production of Pokers, we have to provide photos, choose Pokers style style, as well as box style.
 The same custom Pokers also need to be packaged, the most commonly used and most customers like a kind of packaging is the use of box packaging plus film tobacco leaf seal. Not only look good and add a layer of film moisture, anti-corrosion column, anti-air into the oxidation, can be described as the two of its virtuous choice. Followed by the packaging, and some customers may not understand the word, the packaging is not the box, just film packaging or plastic, less a box cost is not will be low, it is the same package process requirements comparison Complex, in the production process is likely to cause undesirable loss of goods, so in the case of products that will be printed inside the printed number of copies, to ensure the number of shipments and production quality.
The modern form of fifty-two cards, divided into two safflowers and two black Pokers, is likely to evolve from the early Italian Tarot license: , Each color has 10 and 10 below the small card 10, and 4 head cards: Wang (K), after (Q) and knights and guards. In the early Pokers, after some of the Pokers in the modern era is still the Warriors instead. The guards have been printed in a variety of different male servants, but still retain the name of the guards, but in modern use has been renamed J. In the 52 cards a pair of Pokers has no knight, and after use as the first card.
 We through a lot of custom advertising Pokers customers to visit the survey and found a few questions:
First, the Pokers above the Pokers advertising design is too simple, some even just simply put the product printed on top, and some are Pokers stamps all the ads, simple products or pictures piled, the design is extremely simple and rough. And creative.
Second, the printing quality is uneven. A lot of pictures are not very clear. Obviously is not processed. Part of the Pokers material does not use Pokers special paper. Hand feeling bad, seriously affected its entertainment function, the reason why Pokers advertising " Small Pokers big benefit, "the title is built on Pokers is the world's most popular entertainment on the basis of this objective. So the first principle of making Pokers advertising is: can not affect its entertainment function, if it is shoddy printing and do not attach importance to the effect of the design. It is not only can not achieve the effect of the spread of corporate image, but is self-defeating, causing customers to question their products.As the love of housing and Ukraine, that is not also hate the house and Ukraine it?
Third: how to use these advertising Pokers, lack of overall marketing planning. Of course, this problem can not go to all the problems of business because advertising Pokers this industry is currently more chaotic.Many manufacturers focus on production, no one to study Pokers advertising design and Pokers advertising problems.Of course, the traditional advertising Pokers manufacturers do not correspond Of the talent and the mechanism is also a cause of the industry is a very important reason. Pokers advertising design and promotion is the need for a focus on the effectiveness of Pokers advertising research institutions to operate, it needs more than just production capacity, more importantly, the design capacity and the ability to provide a professional perspective to the enterprise if the use of advertising Pokers Promote the operability of the product. Namely: good Pokers advertising effects = professional Pokers advertising design + low cost + all-round precision spread. And we also think that this assessment standard is not only suitable for the field of Pokers advertising, if the amplification to the entire advertising industry should be such as: good advertising = professional design + low cost + precision network spread.

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