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Invisible Bar Code Advertising Playing Cards Principle

- Jun 27, 2017 -

Invisible bar code Advertising Playing Cards principle
【Advertising Playing Cards】 bar code that is bar code short name, is a set of different width, the reflectivity of different bars and empty, according to a certain combination of coding, used to represent a set of data symbols. Commodity bar code itself does not have the ability to prevent security, it is only a commodity code, is to use the computer to manage the effective management of goods. But if we can reasonably use the bar code technology, including a reasonable choice of bar code carrier, a reasonable choice of bar code printing method, a reasonable choice of bar code printing position, can play the role of security.
The first is a reasonable choice of bar code printing method. Bar code is read by the computer, which requires high quality printing products, the higher the quality of printed materials, the required printing equipment and the higher the accuracy, the same, the higher the price of equipment, Counterfeiters can not afford to buy high-precision equipment, which has a security effect on the goods, the higher the price of equipment. Its anti-counterfeiting effect is better.
Followed by the correct design and use of the bar code in order to achieve the purpose of security:
One, invisible bar code
Invisible bar code can not only destroy the overall effect of packaging and decoration, nor affect the purpose of bar code characteristics, the same stealth bar code stealth later, the general counterfeiters are difficult to imitate, the anti-counterfeiting effect is very good, and there is no color when printing problems.
Invisible bar code in several forms:
(1) covered stealth bar code
The principle of this stealth bar code is printed after the bar code, with a specific film or coating to cover it, so that after processing the bar code is difficult to read the human eye. Covered stealth bar code security effect is good, but its decorative effect is not ideal.
(2) photochemical treatment of stealth bar code
With the optical method of ordinary visual bar code processing, so that after the treatment of people's eyes is difficult to find traces of ordinary wavelengths of light and non-specific light can not read it, this invisible bar code is completely invisible, decorating The effect is also very good, you can also design a double anti-counterfeiting packaging.
(3) invisible ink printed invisible bar code
This bar code can be divided into colorless function ink printing bar code and colored ink printing bar code, for the former is generally fluorescent ink, thermochromic ink, phosphorescent ink and other special ink to print the bar code, this invisible bar code must be printed With a specific light, the bar code must be identified with the corresponding sensitive light source, this bar code is invisible, Advertising Playing Cards and the color of the ink printing ink is generally printed with color ink. The use of invisible ink printed invisible bar code and the general printing the same. But its anti-aging problem remains to be resolved.
(4) paper stealth bar code
This invisible bar code invisible media and paper through a special photochemical treatment after integration, can not be stripped, only for one-time use, Advertising Playing Cards the human eye can not identify, can not use visible light, copy imitation, identification can only be used to launch a certain The wavelength of the scanner reads the information in the bar code, and the scanner is also compatible with the generic black and white bar code.
Two, two-dimensional bar code
For ordinary linear bar code can be called one-dimensional bar code, it has many advantages: easy to produce, easy to read, input speed, high reliability, read the high degree of standardization of equipment, easy to use with the computer and other control equipment, Tend to improve. But its information capacity is small, must be in its limited plane area to obtain greater information capacity. Expanding a one-dimensional code into a two-dimensional bar code is the most efficient way.
Two-dimensional bar code security principle is the bar code input digital information encryption and coding. For security applications, the two-dimensional bar code is very appropriate.
Third, the metal bar code
Metal bar code is made by the metal foil after plating, generally in the bar code surface and then covered with a layer of polyester film, this bar code is a dedicated metal bar code reader to read. The advantage is that the surface is not afraid of stains. General bar code is reflected by the light to read, this bar code is read by the electromagnetic waves, and only the distance between the reader and the bar code will affect the bar code reading. Its anti-aging ability, the surface of the polyester film in the outdoor use of strong adaptability. Metal bar code can also be made into stealth code, in its surface with opaque protective film, the human eye can not distinguish the existence of bar code, and thus made of metal-shaped hidden bar code.

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