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How To Use Professional Vision To Identify The Quality Of Advertising Playing Cards Production Is Good Or Bad?

- Jul 25, 2017 -

How to use professional vision to identify the quality of Advertising Playing Cards production is good or bad?
Advertising Playing Cards production in the advertising industry occupies more and more tense position, many customers have been familiar with this point. Advertising Playing Cards production for all walks of life advertising, including the authorities to promote policies and regulations are very good results, why Advertising Playing Cardss have such a good advertising effect?
    As the Advertising Playing Cards production has a broad mass base, its entertainment function is suitable for all kinds of people. How to identify the quality of Advertising Playing Cards production has become a top priority, the quality of Advertising Playing Cardss vary the price difference is very different. Low price Advertising Playing Cards production quality must not work. How can I identify the quality of advertising ad cards? Fuke Nasi Advertising Playing Cards manufacturers for your detailed solution!
    Advertising Playing Cards production quality roughly from these aspects to identify: 1, grams of paper with the same amount of paper production to grams of heavy as well, for example, 280 grams less than 300 grams. 2, to paper that good paper with wood pulp, pulp more directly affect the Advertising Playing Cards production of paper stiffness, the appearance of the paper smoothness and brightness.
    In addition, the high-end Advertising Playing Cards making paper is wood pulp, that is, wood fiber. The price of wood pulp determines the price of paper also determines its quality, the higher the price of wood pulp. High-grade Advertising Playing Cards making paper with good elasticity, feel good, smooth and smooth paper, high paper density. Low block Advertising Playing Cards making paper is not wood pulp, paper density is poor, poor flexibility, the paper is not too smooth. Low block poker holding in the hands of a kind of Sese feel, soft feeling. Impatient is the low profile poker obvious features cloud host, playing several times on the bad pages, loss pages and so on. If the use of angle analysis, low-block Advertising Playing Cards production of economic value than the high-end Advertising Playing Cardss far worse.
Advertising Playing Cardss so expensive, mainly the following factors:
1) Advertising Playing Cards production efficiency is low, Advertising Playing Cards general version of the special, each kind of request is not the same, when printing the number of times more post-production process equipment adjustment is also more frequent, thus greatly reducing the production efficiency. Practice proved: a day production of millions of poker production lines, such as printing Advertising Playing Cardss, each 50,000, the daily production capacity dropped to 650,000, if each 10,000, the daily production capacity dropped to 29 million The That is, wage costs increased by 236%.
2) Paper costs are higher. Ordinary poker generally use 240gsm to 255gsm ordinary cardboard on it. While the Advertising Playing Cards is 260g / m2,270g / m2 copperplate paper core paper, or even 300gsm, 330gsm imported high-grade black core special paper (American Las Vegas Las Vegas use paper), for example, a 330gsm The price of imported high-grade black core paper amounted to 8-9 yuan, and this one can only print two poker inner core, naturally, the cost will be much higher. Each pair of ordinary poker paper costs only 0.40 to 0.50 yuan, and each pair of high-end Advertising Playing Cards paper (imported high-grade black core paper) cost is 4.0-4.5 yuan.
3) the higher the loss rate. Anyone who knows the printing industry knows that the consumption of the printing process is basically fixed. Each batch of large volume, the loss rate is low, the unit price is low; each batch of small print loss rate is high, the price is high. General Advertising Playing Cards printing volume is small, so the price is higher.
4) plate making costs. Advertising Playing Cards special edition special edition, the general cost of a set of 1000-1500 yuan (not the same requirements, the cost of different fees). The smaller the amount of Advertising Playing Cardss, the more the cost of each poker. And for commodity poker is generally larger, the cost of the apportionment is relatively low.

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