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How To Use Playing Cards To Calculate Fortune

- Jul 25, 2017 -

How to use Playing Cards to calculate fortune
Playing Cards card divination when the most taboo even accounted for, that is, the same thing for two or three consecutive divination. Although the result of the divination is not satisfactory, or very poor, can not be re-divorced, otherwise the Playing Cards will not tell you the correct answer. The same thing if you want to once again, should wait a month later, if it is love divination, you can divination once a week. In addition, the arrangement of playing cards, to leisurely carefully row, try not to go wrong, otherwise it will reduce the lotness. Do not defuse the divination with the Playing Cards Divination with the Playing Cards card to be separated from the game with the Playing Cards card, divination with the Playing Cards card not only to carefully set the pattern clear, good quality, but also be careful not to make it damaged, or write on the above, smear. However, if the distinction between the upper and lower, in the above to do a small mark it does not matter. In addition, because the divination of hand and Playing Cards when the contact has some wonderful meaning, so before the divination must first wash their hands, so that between them can really achieve spiritual realm. There are some special terms that we must know, although there are different words that are not the same, but in general they are still interlinked, so now we are the same. To briefly introduce several terms, to see what is meant to express what! The same time as
(1) Brand: refers to the card. The same time as
(2) color: refers to the cards on the pattern, there are ,,, four, commonly known as red heart, box, plum, spades. The same time as
(3) shuffle: the brand before and after the intersection of appropriate mixed together. (See photo)
Shuffle, ① ② ③ for a back, ④ ⑤ ⑥ for a back, so repeated many times. In general, in the official divination, the shuffle before the clockwise direction to mix and match, the licensing distribution of the more average to improve accuracy.
(4) cut card: After washing the card, a group of cards will be divided into two groups or three groups. ① After the reshuffle, put the cards away. ② left about half on the left. (Cut cards must use the left hand Oh!) ③ then the rest of the parts picked up on the left part of the above.
(5) Pairs: the brand arrangement. Due to divination of the same way, the combination of the shape of the combination will be different.
(6) the same bit (with the sub-card): different colors, but the same number of cards. Such as A and A. (
(7) with the flower card (the same card): the same color card.
(8) reverse card (upside down): among the listed cards, the upside down card is called the reverse card. If the upper and lower symmetry, for the distinction between up and down, can be marked on the card. Up and down the symmetry of the card, can be marked on the card to show distinction. The same time as
(9) the first card (top card): at the top of the card.
(10) tail card (card): located in the bottom of the card. The same time as
(11) typical card: that the question of the card, in general, K on behalf of men, Q on behalf of women, J on behalf of young people. The same time as
(12) Field card: All cards originally arranged on the table. The place where the license is called is "the place". The same time as
(13) hand: after the arrangement, the remaining card, known as the hand. The same time as
(14) set the card: the hands of the card on the venue. The same time as
(15) should be card: a special significance of the card. Special meaning is a horrifying or sudden situation.
(16) sequence: the cards in the order of numbers. For example, A2345 ... is a digitally increasing sequence; 13 12 11 10 ... is a descending sequence of numbers. (17) paragraph, column: Playing Cards arranged in the site after the title. Playing Cards arrangement, usually from left to right, from top to bottom.
Secret Playing Cards door open instigation! Like to explore the unknown you, as soon as we enter with Oh! The origins of Playing Cards divination The origin of Playing Cards, in the Western, in India, or in China, has a variety of different claims, but generally more common is derived from Egypt, the Babylon region; and the use of Playing Cards The fortune-teller is invented by the Roma. At about the seventh century AD, the Gypsies handed the Playing Cards divination into Europe, and during the Napoleonic period, a woman named "Norman Man" reintroduced the original Playing Cards, form. It is worth mentioning that the Gypsies still use seventy-eight cards to divination, it is said that in this way the fortune of the fortune, there is no grace to the accuracy, people do not believe it!

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