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Advertising Poker Huge Role In Corporate

- Aug 22, 2016 -

As a new media advertising poker, poker products and services information printed in both sides, along with Poker the use and movement of information publishing and circulation. Poker is widely used in various industries as a gift, and is able to perform a lot of advertising. Gift cards as a medium of information dissemination can play a greater advocacy role. To quickly establish a short-term visibility, boost sales. In issuing 30,000 advertising poker terms, once the effective arrival rate can reach 100%, but due to multiple interactions involved in the properties of Poker, this reach is actually radiate information arrival rate can reach more than 400%, that is a poker information can also be 4 people or 4 or more repeated access. And because the cards can be used repeatedly, this reach is growing exponentially. That is to issue 30,000 Poker, at least to cover 200,000 people. B long term, corporate branding and image building is also very beneficial. General Poker can reach 3-year service life, and excellent quality poker can not only extend the time, but also collectible. Because Poker the retention time is long, audiences actually like psychological enterprise product and service has always been on the side of feeling, brand it is so subtle, accumulated to form! C high cost performance. Spend the same amount of spending in other mass media, not only invested a lot, and information is difficult to grasp, there's actually a huge error of arrival, and information retention time is very short, fleeting. Gift cards then you can avoid the lack of, at very low advertising access to very good effect. A penny to do great things, who would have missed. D the implementation process summary.

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