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Advertising Playing Cards Production Process

- Jun 20, 2017 -

Advertising Playing Cards production process
    The first step is to balance the internal stress
    Newly produced paper due to uneven internal stress, the central area is easy to form wrinkles, so the company will be inside the warehouse poker special paper for about 3 months of natural balance, so that its internal stress, elasticity and tolerance, etc. tend to Uniform, so to a certain extent to ensure the quality of paper. In addition, the full inventory is also a symbol of the strength of the company, the general manufacturers of paper stocks are 10 million yuan, according to the current average price of 7,000 tons of paper, that is, about 1,000 tons of it
    The second step design layout plate
    Mainly Advertising Playing Cards front, reverse pattern font and poker box design and printing plate.
    Include and customer confirmation manuscripts. The main contents of the confirmation are: whether the font phone and address are different.

    The third step printing
    That is, the printing of the card and the printing of the poker box. The company uses the world's leading technology of the latest Roland series of printing presses to ensure high-quality printing results. Poker printing is generally about two days, because the general positive printing is completed, the balance of about 12 hours before the negative printing; after 3-4 days after the normal temperature kiln drying, ink dry to enter the next process.
    The fourth step on the oil
    The purpose is to increase the stiffness and gloss of the paper.
    Polishing machine about 30 meters, including pressure and pressure cloth pattern. Embossing can improve the quality of advertising poker.

    The fifth step inspection
    Mainly to check whether the effect is uniform uniform

    Step 6 automatically cut
    To this step, the poker of the embryonic form out of the rectangle. This step is critical.

    The second step of the second die cutting
    To this step, we usually play the Advertising Playing Cards card core came out.

    Step 8 Sort Pack
    Here to play the box about the production. The production of the box is designed by typography, then the film, and finally the indentation. Generally indentation. With the box and the card core, you can pack it.

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