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Ad Serving Mode Of Advertising Playing Cards

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Each Advertising Playing Cards54 is a free selection. A Advertising Playing Card is an ad slot. The price of the ad slot can be adjusted according to the number of purchases. The more the ad is bought, the better the price and the cheaper the price.
Compared to traditional media advertising, Advertising Playing Cards has the following advantages:
First, long timeliness. Business Playing Cards do not let someone else throw them into trash cans like business cards and flyers.
Second, the price is cheap Through the integration of the power of each, greatly reducing the advertising Advertising Play Cards threshold, 10,000 advertising Playing Cards business card only 600 yuan, each only 6 cents, while the leaflets at least 8 cents each, business cards are mostly dime, So that small businesses or self-employed can also have their own Advertising Playing Cards, rather than the big business patents.
Third, the large amount of views. Generally a business card only one person to see, and Advertising Playing Cards business card will let him see more friends and family. According to the minimum frequency of 10 times, each 4 people playing cards, each pass rate can reach 40 people, 10,000 is at least 400,000 people in the potential customers were propaganda.
Fourth, cost-effective. Nearly 400,000 times the page views, as long as 100 people who have become your customers, then there are 4,000 customers, each customer publicity costs only 1 hair. Our service is to: let customers spend the least money to get the most valuable advertising!
A few years ago, when I had a few times, I had talked with people that the production of the Advertising Playing Cards should be a combination of content and form, which type should be related to its content, Shaped. I have given examples, such as fan-based Advertising Playing Cards, which should be fanatic (no fan-based advertising Playing Cards). The results I said six months, all of a sudden there are four fan-shaped (fan-shaped) Advertising Playing Cards, there are three A, Tianjin, Jilin, Shandong, but the four fan-shaped fan-shaped did not reach me Mind the original idea. My original imagination, fan advertising Playing Cards should use the contents of ancient Chinese fan painting, the ancient Chinese fan painting content has three categories, can be designed into three fan-shaped Advertising Playing Cards, one is the landscape figure painting, a pair of flowers and birds Painting, a pair of calligraphy. Flying Advertising Playing Cards are open at 120 °, and three fan-shaped advertising Playing Cards are just 360 °, a complete round, box with a round box, like a full moon. Fan for the summer supplies, the fan is full of literati fans elegant move, so that the content and form of uniform performance is better. And the above four fan-shaped fan-shaped advertising Playing Cards, there is a collection of photos of the collector. This is the content and form of non-uniform, can not be called success. The unity of content and form is one of my views on the production of advertising Playing Cards, and the other is that the width of the advertising Playing Cards can not exceed the height. As we all know, the height of the regular Advertising Playing Cards is greater than the width, because the Advertising Playing Cards are for people to play cards, straight rectangular easy to people, although the same purpose is not used as a card, but the basic principle should be height Greater than the width, the minimum requirement is a height equal to greater than the width. The so-called height is equal to the width refers to the shape, round, triangular Advertising Playing Cards, if the width is greater than the height, people feel very awkward, such as fan-shaped advertising Playing Cards, if playing cards in the posture, then the screen and text to It is not accustomed to, so that not all shapes can be made into profiled cards.
Some people say that the current profitable Advertising Playing Cards are too much and should be limited, I think this is the domestic advertising Playing Cards factory, associations and individuals to develop their own products, and foreign brands in the different profitable Advertising Playing Cards, we can not Restrictions, many foreign brands in the shape of advertising Playing Cards, whether it is creative shape, content, print quality, packaging are very good form. Such as the launch of the Sexual Day Advertising Playing Cards, Christmas Christmas Advertising Playing Cards, Halloween Showcase Playing Cards, for example, we travel abroad to see these profitable Advertising Playing Cards and can not help but buy. But many profiled cards are actually foreigners to support a factory in China to do.

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