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Why Is Advertising Playing Cards More Expensive Than Ordinary Poker?

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Why is Advertising Playing Cards more expensive than ordinary poker?

Poker printing is a traditional labor-intensive industry. A large poker factory usually has Nissan Poker hundreds of thousands or more, with an annual capacity of 2 to 300 million pairs. Because ordinary poker is a template, printing and quality inspection are very fixed, workers are easy to train, low cost, high-speed operation of production equipment, so the poker factory by scale to win, the larger the lower the cost. We usually see the retail price of 2 yuan or 2.5 yuan of poker, the wholesale price of only 1 yuan or 1.2 yuan, 54 poker plus poker box, its size is equivalent to 6 A4 paper size, and is double-sided printing The Even if no other costs are calculated. Its unit cost is much cheaper than ordinary color pages. Most of the poker factory produced a pair of ordinary poker profits of only 0.03 yuan to 0.04 yuan.

Advertising Playing Cards so expensive, mainly the following factors:

1) The production process is interrupted and the production capacity is reduced. Because the number of Advertising Playing Cards printed is usually less than 50,000, or even only 10,000, relative to a Nissan nearly a million production lines, the number is very small. According to the actual experience, a daily production line of millions of ordinary poker, if printed Advertising Playing Cards, each 50,000, its Nissan capacity will drop to 65 million; if each 10,000, its daily production capacity dropped to 29 million Vice, that is, wage costs will increase by 236%.
2) Paper costs are higher. Ordinary poker generally use 240gsm to 255gsm whiteboard on it. While the advertising card is 260g / m2,270g / m2 copperplate paper core paper, or even 300gsm, 330gsm imported high-grade black core special paper (American Las Vegas Las Vegas use paper), for example, a 330gsm The price of imported high-grade black core paper amounted to 8-9 million, and this piece of paper can only print two poker core, naturally, the cost will be much higher. The cost per pair of ordinary poker paper is only 0.40 to 0.50 yuan.
3) Tax costs. In China, the reality is that ordinary poker in the distribution of various environments (such as commodity trading market) is basically a cash transaction, does not involve tax issues. Advertising Playing Cards generally require one-on-one formal invoices. In China, tax costs are generally 6.5% to 7%.
4) plate making costs. Ordinary poker can basically not consider the plate making costs, and advertising card plate making costs to 3.3% (50,000) ~ 16% (10,000).
Different paper has different hardness, stiffness and flexibility, it is the formation of poker grade, show the strength of the important aspects of the customer, its quality and price differences. I have high, medium and low-grade poker cardboard, it is recommended that customers in the case of good design, select the appropriate paper.

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