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Playing Cards Production Process

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Playing Cards production process
Step 1: Design the layout of the Playing Cards 54 will be arranged in 6 * 9 (single), double for the 55 and 54 two versions.

Step 2: Select Playing Cards paper (upscale or mid-range) according to customer's request, determine the size of the paper according to the size of the Playing Cards (87 * 57,87 * 62,88 * 63), then hold the Playing Cards plate Printing positive and negative and card box.

The third step: Playing Cards printing to put a few hours later, you can pull the large polishing machine where the positive and negative Playing Cards on the glazing, Playing Cards is generally on the plastic light, after the light will feel bright and slippery; Box printing is good to film (bright film or matt film), die-cutting, automatic gluing machine sticky box.

Step 4: After polishing according to the requirements of the customer embossed, press the cloth pattern can be displayed to the high-end, the next is Playing Cards cut friends, the whole Playing Cards will be divided into a pair of a pair of Playing Cards cards.

The fifth step: to cut the Playing Cards card to go through the die machine die-cut, remove the four corners and the excess of the four sides, out of the perfect round a Playing Cards.

Step 6: punch out of the Playing Cards card to go through the quality inspection departments to check, qualified before packing.

Step 7: Put the box of Playing Cards for cellophane tape (gold wire and cable on the same pull line), 10 heat shrink into one, 100 (ten) installed a transit box, the last points into the library , Waiting for delivery friends

Custom Playing Cards layout can have their own design, the design of good Playing Cards layout jpg format and psd, ai format passed to my company design department debugging, debugging good pass to the customer confirmed the finalized, I designed to receive the final copy of the document Can be published. When the customer can not design their own Playing Cards layout, my company design department can be free to design Playing Cards layout, this time the need for customers to provide picture data (each picture resolution to 300dpi above, can be printed on the Playing Cards picture is not true) and Text information, the same design layout passed to the customer school team to confirm the file, school team after the return of the final document, we published the final version of the document printing.

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