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Pokers Culture

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Pokers culture
There are many different versions of the origins of Pokers, but these statements do not clearly point out the true origins of Pokers. The more consistent view is that today's Pokers is evolved from a variety of similar games, and these games have a long history.

According to the text, China was the most in the year 969 when there was a similar Pokers card game. At that time, a pair of Chinese cards had four colors, each with 14 cards, both as a note and as a card. Legend has a Venetian from China to bring the card back to his hometown, so Venice is the earliest place in Europe. The traveler of Venice, probably Nicoro Polo, was returned to Venice from China by his brother Madio in 1269 or Marco Polo, the son of Nicole.

The early European card is called the Tarate (TAROT). There is a saying that there is a connection between the pattern depicted by Tarot and the goddess Ardhanari in the Hindu mythology. The goddess has four hands, each holding a wand, a cup, a sword and a ring of money, respectively, so that the cards may be passed by the Indian national Gypsies in Europe, passing through Persia, the Arabs into Egypt, From Egypt to Europe, some of them entered Paris in 1427.

As early as the 14th century or earlier, many places in Europe have been mass production of cards, more famous are Nuremberg, Augsburg and Ulm (Ulm). Relevant records show that in a 1299 Italian document has been mentioned in the Tarot card; the wife of the Duke of Brabant Johanna in 1379 in the Netherlands has taught cards; in Spain at least 1371 has a card , The card in the Spanish language called naipes; 1392 French King Charles VI ordered Jacquette Green Cornel hand drawn a pair of cards, this historical fact caused the card to the origin of the French argument. But it is obvious that the cards that the king ordered to draw, but a card similar to other cards that had already been used. At that time, the royal treasurer, who was responsible for the payment of the money, had three cards, printed as "golden and a variety of colors, and with a lot of decorations, that our King His Majesty's entertainment." Of which 17 The card is present at the French National Library.

The card was passed on to England more time than any other country in Europe. Jesse died in 1400, although he had enumerated a variety of recreational activities at the time, but never mentioned the cards: "They dance, they play chess and banquet." About Edward I wearing a floral dress to play four The information about the game of the king (k) is almost certainly referring to some other game, perhaps some form of chess. The earliest mention of the time on the British Pokers was in 1465. This year the British Pokers maker applied to Edward IV for banning the import of foreign-made Zach cards and having an appropriate decree as evidence. Pokers as a luxury, can provide a large source of tax revenue for the state, the United Kingdom in 1615 first tax on the Pokers.

CP Hagelawi wrote in his book The History of Pokers: "There is a legend about Columbus and his sailors saying that these sailors love gambling when they are in the vast and mysterious When the storm was attacked by the sea, they threw all their Pokers cards into the sea because of the horror caused by superstition, and after they had reached the land, they regretted the reckless action, and they were in this The new kingdom has made some Pokers cards with a kind of leaves, and these Pokers has aroused great interest from the Indians. "The data of the Kasari de la Vega (" Florida history "), Said the Spanish soldiers in the expedition in 1534, with a leather Pokers card. This statement seems to be more than just a legend. Mexicans had a card play very early, when the Mexicans called amapa-tolli, which amapa means paper, and tolli means the game.

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