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Good quality Plastic Playing Cards for sales
Good quality Plastic Playing Cards for sales
Customer Reviews
The product is great . Very pleased with your work.

—— Richard

Hi Jerry, I checked the cards and they look very well.

—— Sarah

Thank you for your email, yes the flash cards have arrived and we are very happy with the quality. Thank you for your business we hope to keep a good business relationship with you in the future.

—— Hohepa

Thank you for your great job, the product is very good hope we have chance to cooperate next time.

—— Hannah

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Company News
china latest news about Plastic Playing Cards A Brief Introduction

Plastic Playing Cards A Brief Introduction

[2018-09-26 12:01:02]
Raw materials of plastic playing cards are plastic, plastic synthetic polymers {polymer (polymer)}, also known as polymers or macromolecules (macromolecules), also commonly known as the plastics (plastics) or resin (resin), and are free to change the body style. Using monomer synthesis or condensati... Read More
china latest news about Poker Rule

Poker Rule

[2018-09-26 11:59:28]
In the table, some of the conventional rules. These rules are often derived from to prevent cheating. Language: in the casino to play poker in order to prevent player collusion, usually accorded only to communicate in English on the table. But with the development of the network, other languages ... Read More
china latest news about Playing Cards Playing Poker

Playing Cards Playing Poker

[2018-09-26 11:52:45]
Poker there are many species, most common bridge, dial, fishing for red, hundred, 24 points, 21 points, and so on, so on. Due to Poker the number of cards in line with the astronomical calendar, so Poker is a microcosm of the calendar view, on the grounds that: 54 playing cards, 52 weeks in a year, ... Read More
china latest news about On Poker Etiquette

On Poker Etiquette

[2018-09-26 11:56:45]
In each match a set of regulations, but those regulations are not complete enough, players need to learn some manners, these matches the basic etiquette and behaviour must also be followed in the poker world and attention. Here is what you should keep in mind the etiquette poker room: Cannot say ... Read More
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