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Packaging application

- Aug 22, 2016 -

With the development of modern industry and the improvement of people's living standard, people will continue to increase demand for folding cartons, but also for the quality of the paper tray is put forward higher requirements. To avoid waste in the automatic folding gluing machine, makes folding cartons on high speed packaging machines automatically opens, forming, filling and sealing process, requires not only the tray design and reasonable structure, but should also ensure that there are enough die-cut precision and accuracy of Fold gluing. Short live version increase, improve quality, reduce production costs the same carton packaging enterprises are facing market pressures and challenges, which require application of new technologies in the carton packaging process, continually improve equipment automation, reduce adjustment time and live-assisted preparation time. Only continue to adapt to the new changes in the market, meet the requirements of different users, to enhance the competitiveness of carton packaging enterprises.

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