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Function and role of books

- Aug 22, 2016 -

Books from the origin and development of our understanding, the book gradually developed to a lightweight, long lasting, easy to record, copy the text and picture material, through continuous improvement of techniques, and not be limited by time, space, spread, and save information, has declared, to showcase, storage and dissemination of ideas and cultural functions. Books are one of the most important signs of progress and civilization. Into the 20th century, books has become one of the main tools of knowledge, science and technology and the preservation of cultural. With the rapid development of science and technology, dissemination of knowledge and information tools, apart from books, newspapers, and other tools are produced and developed gradually. But books are that cannot be replaced by other means of communication or means. At present, neither China, nor any other country, books still is to promote the social, political, economic and cultural development of the most important communication tool.

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