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Classification of simple calendar

- Aug 22, 2016 -

Calendar calendar calendar, lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar-making and yin and Yang, three.

Gregorian solar calendar, calendar year for one year, at present international calendar (Gregorian calendar) and China's main calendar is a solar calendar in this category. [1]

Also known as Lunar Moon calendar, or lunar calendar, a lunar month is the calendar month, 12 lunar month of the calendar year, the method will be 30 days, Xiao Yue Yue 29 days, the Islamic calendar is a lunar one.

The lunisolar calendar has a very clear distinction between common years and leap years, years of days difference calendar month as a lunar month because the 12 lunar month and year there are some differences (less about 11 days), lunisolar calendar, set the leap month to coordinate relations between the tropical year and the lunar month, leap years for 13 months in a year (a lunar month), is a leap year. Seven leap year every 19 years. Common year different from the 12 lunar month in a year. So the match calendar with moon phase and accordance with the movement of the earth around the Sun cycle. The Chinese lunar calendar is a lunisolar calendar.

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