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Box color shades of contrast

- Aug 22, 2016 -

Which is most frequently appear on the use of color in packaging design, the most widely used. In a lot of graphic design (posters, hanging pictures, or binding classes) are very common. So-called depth comparison should be within the design with two shades of a color on the color subtly appears in a picture at the same time, arising out of such a coordination perspective effects. Usually with of as big area of light bedding, and in its Shang with dark composition, like light yellow of bedding, with Brown of be composition, or in Brown of color block in the using yellowish or white of pattern line; also as with light green of bedding; green of composition; pink of bedding; big red of composition; shallow grey of bedding; SOAP black of composition and so on. These are the colors used for depth comparison, use in packaging design, we can also be found on cosmetics packaging or on the packaging of some Western wines, especially very popular on the wine packaging in Western Europe. Changyu wine and double sinks in China means sausage, and CJ's meat packing is mostly using this form. This form of packaging in Japan and South Korea, Taiwan is also common. The Visual effects are crisp, simple, modest, simple but elegant.

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